SUPR Simpsons Show


Coming 02/06/2019

The SUPR Simpsons Show is hosted by Greg and Jesse from the Serial Chillers Podcast. We are life long Simpsons fan and wanted to do something fun on the side to help break up the monotony of Serial Killers and the like.

Each podcast we follow ‘The Simpsons’ from episode one and follow it as it nears it’s 700th. We talk about the plot and favorite moments from each episode as well as some great trivia and things you may not have know about the episode or the show itself.

If you are a Simpsons fan this will be right up your alley as we laugh until we cry reminiscing some of our greatest childhood (and adult) TV Moments.

Episodes will Start Wednesday 02/06 and come the following week on Monday 02/11 and Friday 02/15. They will continue to Air Wednesday. Monday. Friday.Wednesday.Monday.Friday until we are out of Simpsons episodes to watch. Then we’ll figure something else out… we really like other animated television series as well.