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Episode 95: Marie Hilley

Marie Hilley was a chameleon. One of the worst kind of people. Someone who poisoned family and loved ones when they least expected it. She disappeared and would come and go and she pleased into any persona she could create. This was an episode that was tough, because besides just one documentary there was not a lot of information on Marie or any of her Aliases. I won’t ruin too much of this one for you.

Audrey Marie Hilley

Let’s not mince words here. Marie Hilley was kind of a bitch and a top notch fuck face! If you’d like to listen to the episode you can totally do it HERE! Thanks a lot for you support. The season break is quickly approaching and we assure you that it will be no break for us. We have so many plans for so many big NEW things. While we’re gone, fill the void with Death and Co and the SUPR Simpsons Show! Thank you everyone and have a great week!

Episode 94: The DC Snipers (John Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo)

This episode is different than a lot of others we have done in one major way. I absolutely remember when this one was taking place. It was during high school for me and although I lived on the other side of the country it was definitely something that I thought about. this was also at a time before my fandom into true crime was at full tilt, so the fact that it stood out to me as a story that I should follow is something that I was reminded of when I was researching and outlining the show itself. These two men struck fear into a lot of people and they did it in a way that made people feel helpless. They were able to take away daily activities people took for granted like pumping gas as that was a location where more than one victim was taken.

Gas stations in the area began to hang tarps or have attendants pump gas.

The snipers were successful in more than just taking lives and spreading fear. They took away people’s comforts, people’s peace of mind and normal way of life. When a serial killer is running rampant in your town, it’s probably something that you think about, but are pretty sure it’s not something you have to worry about. In this case everyone believed their lives could be in danger due to the indiscriminate choosing of victims, locations, times and activities. The attacks appeared at random and there is something so scary about that.

John Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo

Thank you to Biggfoot and Lindsay and Bree for coming on the show. Thank you to everyone here reading this and listening to the episode. We are nearing the end of season four and are so excited for some of the big things that are coming in season 5 like Hella Greg’s new show “Hella Conspiracies” which will be airing exclusively on the Patreon for all $5+ donors. We can’t wait for what’s coming up! If you haven’t heard this episode here it is. If you would like to listen to the rest of the catalogue here it is! Thank you so much for listening and remember… Don’t talk to strangers.