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Wednesday Walkthrough #4

Welcome back, Party People! This is another Wednesday for you to catch up with the SUPR network. First of all, thanks for coming by the website. Check stuff out, look around a bit. Second, we have some good stuff for you this week so get ready. It’s half way over but we’re just hitting our stride. 

Monday: No longer the worst day of the week, am I right? Your weekly Simpson fix is right here. The SUPR Simpsons Show is here with Season 2, Episode 14, ‘Principal Charming.’ Watch Principal Skinner fall in love with Patty as Homer is attempting to set him up with Selma. Listen as we talk about Armin’s terrible moves along the way to his eventual break up with Patty, that leads to Bart moving from Skinner’s good list immediately back to the shit list. Also, I’d like to note that it’s 2-14, like Valentines Day, and this episode is about love. I wonder if it was intentional…. Moving on!

Who doesn’t love a rotating restaurant?

Wednesday: Death and Co! They talk human sacrifices. There’s mention of torture for the lord. Was your last harvest a little light? Want to say thanks for the bountiful harvest? Either way, human sacrifice is the way to go! Try human sacrifice… On second thought, don’t. Bree explains this crazy practice to Lindsay and Jesse this week. Who would you take to the afterlife?

Sometimes it’s about sacrifice.

Last Friday you got episode 96 of Serial Chillers in which we invited my (Jesse) sister into the studio as well as the third Biggfoot sibling thus completing the trifecta! The subject of the episode Lemuel Warren Smith (born July 23, 1941),an American serial killer who was the first convict to kill an on-duty female corrections officer. Smith was already in prison for the murders of at least five people when he murdered prison guard Donna Payant at Green Haven Correctional Facility in 1981. The murder of a guard in a maximum security prison was considered shocking at the time and brought scrutiny upon the New York prison systems. Smith is considered one of the most dangerous living inmates in the New York prison system and is housed in 23-hour-a-day isolation from other people. Listen as we dive into the details of this crazy story.

Lemuel Smith

Thanks again for coming by looking at this beautiful heap of sound files and stickers and wonderful people who make it all possible. You’re really the lifeblood of…. Well, I was going to say the network, but they don’t have blood. Either way, if you’re reading this, You’re the best and we appreciate the fuck out of you. Stickers, Patreon, Merchandise!!

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