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Wednesday Walkthrough #3

This Monday the new episode of SUPR Simpsons show dropped with Season 2, Episode 13: Homer V.S. Lisa and the 8th commandment. In this classic episode Homer decides that he is going to steal cable the exact week the Kids learn about Hell and how they’ll go there if they sin against the commandments. The 8th of which, of course, is Thou Shalt not steal. Lisa being ever the good christian (This is long before she becomes buddhist) decides that she will not partake in the cable consumption. Her problems continue when she sees how stuck the rest of her family is on the cable and she worries for their souls too. It all culminates during a heavyweight pay-per-view fight that Homer is hosting and Mr. Burns is attending (He misses the smell of men). Watch how it all shakes out, or listen to us tell you about it, either way this is a Homer/Lisa episode so you can expect greatness at some point. Listen here and Thank you for the support.

Don’t steal cable!

Today, hot off the presses you got another episode of Death and Co podcast. The ladies are setting them up and knocking them down! This week it’s about Norse Death Gods. I learned a lot sitting in with them and of course I laughed my ass off quite a bit. Bree and Lindsay weave through some of the lore and understanding of the Norse Death Gods and what makes them so gnarly! There is Merchandise Available for Death and Co and you can listen here. They are only on their fifth episode and every new podcast can use the boost of some great ratings so as we ask for each show we will request here that if you’ve listened and love the show please consider leaving a review anywhere you listen especially Apple. If you love the show you can support it on Patreon as well for as little as $1/month. We thank you for listening.

Odin and His Ravens

Last Friday you got episode 95 of Serial Chillers Podcast and it was on Marie Hilley. She is definitely not immune to the fuckface category as she successfully murdered some family members and attempted to murder others. She became several different people during our journey with her, and she may not have been so good at becoming someone else, but what she was good at was finding people that would believe her lies and some would suffer due their gullibility. There was a movie based on her called Wife, Mother, Murderer it is fairly terrible and not very accurate but it’s there nonetheless. The Best of the Documentaries (in my opinion) that I used for this research was an episode of Deadly Women on ID (if you have a cable log-in you can follow that link to watch it). Audrey Marie Hilley was awful and drug down a lot of other people with her including those closest to her. Her end came as a surprise but may not have even been possible for it to be more deserving. Listen to the episode HERE and rate and review where possible. If you’re interested in Merchandise such as T-shirts, Hoodies, Tanks, Mugs, Notebooks and more check out our Threadless Store. If you’d just like to get some of insanely High Quality Stickers you can just head to the SUPR Sticker Shop on this very website. Lastly if you love the show and want to support in the way of as little as $1/month head over the Patreon. There are some very great rewards for giving more than the minimum but we appreciate it all. Thank you everyone for the support!

Audrey Marie Hilley and Family (Audrey Marie on far right)

We record episode 100 (The season Finale this Saturday and then Jesse gets like one day off before we begin the production of season 5. We are excited about it as we have 3 returning guests that everybody knows and loves (Robbie, Paul, Jeff). SUPR excited for what’s to come and to show you guys some of the little things we’ve been working on for season 5. Thank you everyone. Don’t forget to give $5 to the patreon if you’re interested in getting Hella Greg’s new video podcast (Airs alongside season 5) to make sure you’re giving at least $5 to the show. We love all of you!!

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