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Wednesday Walkthrough #2 (on a Friday)

Hey, Party People! It’s Greg. This is the second of many Wednesday Walkthroughs. You know, where we tell you what’s up around the network. Here’s what’s up with The SUPRnetwork this week:

This Monday on the SUPR Simpsons Show We covered Season 2 Episode 12: The Way We Was. Why do birds suddenly appear, every time I watch this episode? Oh yeah, because it’s a beautiful story of Homer and Marge meeting. Homer is and has been, at the very least, inattentive. Neglectful if you will. However, his heart has always been in the right place. He loves Marge, and has since the first time he saw her, when birds suddenly appeared. He tried to take her out, but it didn’t work. He tried to trick her, and it backfired. Traveling back to their first meeting and reliving all the moments all over again is a great way to rekindle the love of The Simpsons, like Homer and Marge rekindle their love for each other, at least once a season. 

Wednesday you got another dose of Death and Co. They’re out here talking seances. Plus, Jesse and Myself even got involved. We got a chance to learn the history of the Seance as well as the tricks of the trade. Plus we all give our opinions on the whole thing, as well as learn some pretty interesting stuff about communicating with the dead. You want to do a seance with me? It’ll be spooky. Either way, this is what’s keeping me alive this week. 

As far as Serial Chillers goes, we have big things this week. For Episode 95, we got the chance to welcome back Clayton and Mama Chey. They sit with Jesse 66.6 feet above my head and talk about Marie Hilley. It was back and forth. Mama Chey and Clayton really duked it out. (Sidenote: How much fun is the game show? I never remember what happened, so I get to play along when I’m editing. I must say I do fairly well. Sorry… back to this) Mama Chey brought the Story of a young man whose mother was murdered, but the killer went free. Eventually there is justice, but not in the way that you would expect. Also I bring a synopsis of the Bob Lazar story for those of you who haven’t seen the documentary on Netflix, or listened to him on the Joe Rogan Experience, or you know, been in to UFO’s or anything. It’s also something that My friend Cameron and I discussed and subsequently recorded for Hella Conspiracies (Coming to Patreon the same day as Season 5). All in all it was a great episode, which leads me to my next point. 

The music we have been getting for the episodes is great. I love it! I really do! So, with that being said, I wanted to say I’m going to use what I get sent. I’m going to try to give people a couple weeks, too. That way it can be heard by people who might not get to hear it otherwise. If you’re listening and it’s not your style of music, that’s okay. Give it a shot and who knows, you might dig it. If not, there will be a new one soon, and that might be your jam. It’s just fun to hear what people have and can send in. If for some reason I forget to play something you sent me, remind me. My memory is terrible and I’m very disorganized. 

This week you might notice the Serial Chillers theme song sounded much better than it ever has. The band He Who Seeks Vengeance was kind enough to make a song based on our show… from literally the other side of the world. It’s called 666ft. Deep. It’s amazing. They’re amazing, the song is AMAZING, and we all hope you love it too. You can tell them on Facebook, or let Scott know in the Facebook Group, which now almost 500 strong!!! It’s a closed group. The Mod Squad is all over it (Shout out to Geddy, Nick and Taylor). Also in this episode of Serial Chillers, we used the song Sundazed by Will Monhan. He’s a super talented dude and was kind enough to let me play the drums on this song. I’m a fan of his work, you’ve heard him before if you’ve listened to the break music this season.

Holy shit! This got away from me. Everything is going so well, Thank you all!! We can really feel the love. If you want to spread more love you can on Patreon. Please, rate and review anywhere you can. That shit helps so much. The stars matter, we like the comments. They warms our shitty black hearts. Thank you all, again, so much!!


PS. SInce I wrote this one, you can talk to strangers. I won’t tell. 

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