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Season 4 of Serial Chillers is Coming Together Nice!

On the heels of a nearly 4 hour recording session for episode 84 of this upcoming season, several large files are all headed to the bunker’s top secret computer so that HellaGreg may do what he does and get them to your ears!

So far this season we’ve already had guests like Biggfoot, Robbie, Josh, Paul, Lindsay and Bree with many more to come! We haven’t had a single recording session that has ran shorter than 2 hours and have been having a blast doing it! We can’t wait to bring it to you guys and see what you think!

A lot is happening with the show, the network and the world and we plan on continuing to progress and evolve in the best way possible and we couldn’t do it without people like you!

Thank you!


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Sticker Shop Now Accepting PayPal

Thanks to a shopper who pointed out their problems in the SUPR Sticker Shop, we were able to go in and solve the credit/debit card processing issue as well as add paypal as a payment option for anyone interested in getting some SUPRnetwork or Serial Chillers (SUPR Simpsons Show coming soon). Thank you everyone for continuing to be some of the greatest fans anywhere! The support and assistance is great! It’s just Greg and I running this so any hand we can get like this we always appreciate!

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Two New Episodes Dropped Today!

Both SUPR Simpsons and Serial Chillers had an episode come out today!

Serial Chillers

Episode 79: The second to last episode of season 3. We were joined in the studio by show veteran Alex (@MochaFreeman) and, on his way to veteran status but his first visit to the final transformation of the SUPRnetwork Studio, we welcome back JP (@JPGentryIndustries). On this episode we cover one of the biggest shitbags that I’ve ever had the displeasure of researching; Christian Longo. This disgraced Jehovah’s witness was a worse person than he was a business man. Constantly digging he and his family further and further into debt and running from all his repercussions. He would eventually murder his 3 small children and his wife in an act so heinous we found it very difficult not to get angry just talking about it. Check out the episode for all of the details and thank you for you support.

Documentary Sited:

48-Hours Mystery: The Pretender

Movie With James Franco and Jonah Hill:

True Story

Christian Longo

SUPR Simpsons Show

Episode 1.6: Moaning Lisa (Aired 02/11/1990)

I’m the Saddest kid in grade number two…

Written By: Wes Archer

Directed By: Al Jean and Mike Reiss

Chalkboard Gag:

“I will not instigate Revolution”

Couch Gag:

Flying Maggie


Lisa develops the blues, which is noticeable to the people around her. She has a note sent home from Springfield Elementary, but Marge and Homer are unable to cheer her up. That night, she hears jazz music in the distance, and sneaks out to follow it, to discover that it is being played by Bleeding Gums Murphy. He teaches her how to express her sadness on the saxophone, and she is happy again. In the meantime, Homer struggles to beat Bart in a boxing video game, but to no avail.


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What is SUPRnetwork?

SUPR network is just beginning and is obviously starting with The serial Chillers Podcast. In Early February of 2019 We will be dropping our next show titled “SUPR Simpson Show” which will be Greg and Jesse from Serial Chillers watching and breaking down each episode of the Simpsons in order from the very beginning.

We have some other exciting things that we’re hoping to make work out that will bring you even more to listen to throughout 2019.

Thank you guys all so much for the support and hang with us while we attempt to build the next big thing in podcasting.